Choosing Appliances

It’s essential to choose your kitchen appliances before making any permanent cabinetry decisions as they play a huge part in the overall layout of your kitchen.

“Serious cooks” will want additional cooking areas and prep sinks, while big families will need big fridges. If you host a lot of parties, then you may opt for wall ovens in order to free up more counter space.

Look through magazines or online to see what style of appliances you prefer. Get your interior designer to help you decide how a certain style will look in the kitchen you are planning. Then visit stores to get an idea of how they function and what features you want or need. It’s very important to look for details like how fridges and ovens open as this will affect your space and how you use it.

Want to conceal your appliances? Greentea Design offers decorative appliance panels that match your cabinets and create a seamless cabinetry look in your kitchen. Not all appliances accept a panel, so be sure to review the specifications of the appliance for a trim kit before you purchase.

The bottom line – your interior designer or contractor is the best person to help you select the best appliances for your home. You’ll save time, energy, and perhaps even money, by relying on their expertise for selecting the best appliances for your kitchen.

Continue on to our Before You Order section for information on finalizing the details of your cabinetry and making your order. You might want to review our guides in Planning Your Project or Measuring Your Space or take a look at our Custom Kitchen FAQ page to double-check something you might have missed. For more design inspiration, we also have kitchen videos that might spark some bright ideas.

Choosing Appliances