Greentea Design custom-built bed1) What kind of custom pieces and projects are possible?

Answer: Customers will sometimes see a piece they like and request modifications. We then take this aesthetic and do variations on the theme. This may entail changing the size, shape, and purpose of the piece. We are open to any design ideas and once you explain your project, we can often quickly tell you what is viable.

2) What is the process?

Answer: Once it is agreed the design is viable, we get down to the finer points like exact dimensions and specifications. When these are confirmed, we can usually give you an accurate quote within a day or two. A 50% deposit is then required to process the order

Greentea Design customization process - sketch up 3D drawing3) How do I know what my piece will look like?

Answer: When the order is processed, we generate a 3D drawing with Sketch-up and send you a copy. If adjustments are needed we make them at your request and resend to you. Once the drawing has been finalized we send the drawing to our cabinet makers. This assures that they have the same drawing as you do and there are no inconsistencies.

4) How much does customization cost?

Answer: This depends on how much variation there is from the standard piece to your custom piece. For example, if you would like a TV Console, and you simply need it a few inches longer than our standard width, the charge would be nominal. Price also depends on the complexity of the design and the amount of materials used. We keep our pricing as reasonable as possible.

5) What options do I have for stain and hardware?

Answer: Just like other pieces in our Japanese Contemporary Collection, you have a choice of 6 stains (plus black and red lacquer) and a few styles of either hand forged iron or brass hardware. There are also various types of hinges, pulls and locking devices to choose from.



6) What technical features can I add? customize_furniture_5_thumb

Answer: Technical features can add great flexibility and convenience to your piece, and we offer many options. Some of these include pull-out trays for laptops, interior lighting, wine racks, removable shelving, and false panels.

To get started with the customization of your piece, please call us at 1.888.222.0195. You can also email us at for more information on this process.