Kitchen Cabinet FAQ

Does Greentea Design offer installation service for custom cabinets?
We recommend that you hire a local contractor or installer for the installation of your new kitchen.

What materials do you use to construct your cabinets?
Our custom cabinets are constructed of your choice of Elm or Gingko wood. All of Greentea’s custom cabinets are solid reclaimed wood inside and out. All beams, shelves, drawers and doors are made of solid wood. We do not use veneers, MDF or particle board.

How are Greentea Cabinets constructed?
Our cabinets are fully completed pieces of furniture, with tops, backs and sides, adding to their stability.

Are your custom cabinetry strong enough to support the weight of concrete or granite countertops?
Yes, they can support any standard counter on the market. All of our counters and islands are constructed using traditional Japanese joinery techniques. The weight of the countertops is spread out over the solid vertical and horizontal beams which make up the frame.

How durable is the finish on the cabinets? Can they stand up to normal kitchen usage?
Our custom cabinets are finished with a multi-layer lacquer process and then are coated with a standard verathane which protects the wood. They can be wiped with a damp cloth as needed.

Does Greentea Design sell countertops?
No we do not sell countertops but can recommend suppliers in our area. We recommend you have your countertops constructed locally. Our cabinets look best with single slab countertops.

Can a dishwasher go inside a Greentea custom cabinet?
The Mizuya Kitchen uses two cabinets with flush beams on either side of the dishwasher allowing the counter to seamlessly bridge the dishwasher and cabinets.

Does Greentea manufacture custom panels to hide my refrigerator and dishwasher?
Yes, we do. We can provide you with panels that will conceal any appliance that you have.

How long will it take for my kitchen to arrive?
The construction, finishing and shipping of your kitchen cabinets will take 12 – 14 weeks, not including the design process.

How much will the shipping charges be for my new kitchen?
Shipping charges depend on your location and the number of pieces you purchase. We can provide you with an accurate shipping quote once you decide on your kitchen cabinets, but 10% to 15% of the cost of your cabinets is a good guideline.

Do you make custom multi-piece islands?
We have lots of experience with creating multi-piece islands. We have done multiple tiers, incorporated built-in dishwashers and stove tops, and designed islands that work well with sinks. Take a look at our Custom Kitchen Islands page for more information.

Do you make custom base cabinets?
We have made many base cabinets that conform to customer’s specific requirements. From specifc dimensions different than the stock sizes, to special panels which let a countertop span across a dishwasher, to unique arrangements of storage space, we’re ready for any project. For more information, take a look at the Custom Base Cabinets page.

Do you make custom wall cabinets?
We have many different options for wall cabinets and have made literally hundreds of variations on our cabinets. Whatever your space and storage needs, we are sure to be able to come up with something that suits you and your kitchen. The Custom Wall Cabinets page has more information on what we can do.