Measuring Your Space

A great design is only as good as the quality of the final installation – and that hinges on precise measurements.

At Greentea Design, we listen to our customers and learn from their experiences. Their challenges become opportunities for us to provide solutions and help customers have a successful installation. A recurring lesson that our customers share is the importance of hiring a professional installer and contractor to accurately measure the room before cabinetry and other room elements are purchased.

The time and cost to fix an inaccurately measured room is one of the primary things that can jeopardize the success of your project. Plus, costs for professional measurement are often inexpensive or may be free. We can’t stress it enough – recruit a professional installer to accurately measure and record your room’s dimensions. In a project as important and extensive as this, it is money well spent.

Not only will the installer take precise measurements of the room, but he or she will also note challenges, opportunities and obstacles that are characteristic of your space. This knowledge is helpful for you to discuss with your designer when determining your layout, selecting your cabinetry, and choosing storage solutions.

You should never complete final designs until your room is professionally measured.

Talk to an installer before your appointment to find out what objects might need to be removed from the room before the visit (such as wall hangings and electrical cords). Your installer will also need a list of the locations of plumbing, ventilation and heating/cooling lines to use as a reference when he or she begins measuring.

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Measuring Your Space

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