3 Drawer Base Cabinet


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3 Drawer Base Cabinet


Variable width, standard 24″d x 35.5″h
Shown: 48″w x 24″d x 35.5″h

Width: 24″d 26″d
3′ $1200 $1400
4′ $1400 $1600
4.5′ $1550 $1700
5′ $1700 $1800
5.5′ $1900 $2050

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Our Mizuya Base Cabinets are built entirely from beams of solid reclaimed Elm or Ginkgo wood using Japanese joinery and hand forged hardware. Base Cabinets do not include counter, sink or taps. You can customize the configuration (more or less drawers, larger open spaces, etc) at no extra charge and we will provide you with drawings to approve or adjust. You can also customize any of the dimensions and we can quote on those changes.

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Product Description

The 3 Drawer Base Cabinet offers the best storage for 3 to 5.5 foot cabinets. It is generally used in combination with our other sized counters, creating a counter space around your fridge, stove and dishwasher.

The countertop is not included — we recommend you acquire your countertop locally.
Hang our upper cabinets above, and mix and match it with cupboards and pantries to complete the Mizuya Kitchen.

Each size is available in 24″ and 26″ depths. Custom built base cabinets can also be built — you decide the size and layout you want, and let us know.

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Natural Ginko, Fruitwood, Red Oak, Mahogany, Chocolate, Walnut


Iron Kakute, Iron Hirute, Iron Warabite, Brass Hirute, Brass Warabite


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