8ft. Mizuya Pantry Cabinet


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8ft. Mizuya Pantry Cabinet


Variable width, standard 19.5″d x 67″h
Shown: 94.5″w x 19.5″d x 67″h

7.5′ $5200
8′ $5700
8.5′ $6200

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Product Description

This magnificent Kitchen Chest is a tribute to the classic Japanese Mizuya Dansu.
And it’s not just a kitchen piece. At 8′ x 6′, you’ll find the contemporary 8 ft. Mizuya is just as useful, rustic, and elegant in your living room, dining room, bedroom or study.

Its amazing storage space will fit anything but the kitchen sink, while its pleasing lines and solid, distinctive look combine effortlessly with any decor.

Like all our Mizuya Storage Chests, this piece can be purchased as a three-tier stacking unit.

Additional Information


Natural Ginko, Fruitwood, Red Oak, Mahogany, Chocolate, Walnut


Iron Kakute, Iron Hirute, Iron Warabite, Brass Hirute, Brass Warabite


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